Our Company History

Total Focus Australia started in 2004 in the regional area of the Central Coast of NSW. Quickly expanding to the East Coast of Australia and regional areas, tailoring our services and our professionals to match the demographic needs of the communities where the offices are.

The motivation was to assist people in a directed manner, whatever their struggle.

Director of Total Focus Australia, Naomi Pearce, has a background in Marketing and Communication within the Media industry for 15 years (culminating work for a National Publication throughout Australia), which ignited her passion in helping people in the Corporate and community sector. She then undertook further training in coaching, psychology and counselling following the completion; Naomi founded and shaped Total Focus Australia.

Our professionals include psychologists, counsellors, coaches and corporate business leaders from a wide range of industries. They are all supported by an administrative team that have the extensive computer skills required ensuring the professional execution of resumes, cover letters, personal profiles and reports for our clients.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission statement put simply is to ensure that all those whom pass through the doors of Total Focus Australia enjoy and benefit from our professional and supported services, and leave feeling they have regained motivation and control over the sector of their lives they were struggling with.

Our values are based on support for others. Providing support for businesses, individuals, and community and school groups is our motivator for all of the products that we are offering. At Total Focus Australia we firmly believe in the motto “We are in your Corner “, which if you think about it is the one and only thing that provides peace when you are faced with adversity. Just knowing that you’re not alone and support is available.

Such attitude is also practised with all sound businesses when making staff redundant which can be harrowing for the Directors and business leaders as well as for the people experiencing it. It is critical to Total Focus Australia that we provide an appropriate suite of products to ensure that the business owners and corporations feel they have provided for those loyal employees whom they sadly have to let go. As a result they effectively protect the exiting employee, their brand and also the feeling of having acted ethically in the face of adversity.

In the area of counselling and coaching Total Focus Australia passionately caters for the worried well. That is the people who are mentally comprised only due to external stressors that they need counselling and psychological support to deal with, and in turn conquer.

Our Services

Total Focus Australia operates three specifically different areas of support services, Corporate, Individual and Educational.

Our suite of services, cover the career sector with personal counselling offering individual services, group services, and educational workshops as well as human resource solutions, including: psychometric testing, practical career copywriting, redundancy, outplacement and training services . Services provided include:

  • Career and individual Counselling (Focus on Worried Well)
  • Career and Life Coaching (Anxiety/Depression/ Marriage / pre – marriage Counselling/ Family Counselling and Staff Counselling)
  • Hidden Market HR Services (Personal marketing for Placement)
  • Document writing (CV, Cover Letters, and Selection Criteria’s)
  • Redundancy and Outplacement Services
  • Interview Training (Specialise document preparation for Interviews)
  • Career Education programs for schools (Suite of 6)
  • Career Workshops (Aimed at Mid Life – Suite of 3)
  • Wellbeing Workshops
Our Clients
  • Businesses (making people redundant or conducting large human resource changes / staff not performing)
  • Schools (Career Educational Workshop preparation)
  • Private Colleges
  • Corporate people needing to change jobs
  • People needing job advice / transition
  • Students needing career testing / course advice / training
  • People needing document updating (CV, Cover letters, Selection Criteria’s)
  • People being bullied in the workforce
  • Anyone needing career counselling
  • Local Clients needing psychological support (focus highly on the worried well )
  • Marriage Clients whom are struggling with their relationship
  • Families struggling in their relationship dynamics
  • People recovering from trauma

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