Just finished school?

Not sure what to do next?

I need a holiday job but I don’t have a resume.

Which course will suit me?

What will my future career be?

I have never been to a job interview.

Total Focus Australia caters for:

School Leavers, Graduates, School Leavers with Learning Difficulties, People ReEntering the Workforce or Disillusioned with their Career.

“Thank-you Total Focus for finally motivating my son to feel confident about his career path in the future. He was so lost until he had the Vocational Testing sessions and the Course Guidance. He can now see how, by doing the course, he will end up employed in a job he loves.”

Beth Simons

Vocational / Psychometric Testing

We have many variations of career and personality tests administered by our psychological career counsellors. These are highly targeted to tease out a person’s natural strengths and personality highlights. We include 3 clinical interviews and a report at the end which identifies the area of employment that they would be most suited to and find most fulfilling, and then we look at the most appropriate courses to reach that goal. The Counsellor also discusses many different options for learning and locations to best suit the person, which are all factors that make studying either a success or a failure.

The benefits are unprecedented; the cost is fully tax deductible. Our Career Specialists highly recommend this course of action for any new graduate, or student just completing school (year 12 or even year 10). It is also a good opportunity to discover what the long term career goals are to assist with selecting appropriate units for both the later years of high school and selecting the most appropriate course for further education.

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Career Counselling/Coaching and Course Advising

We offer Career Counselling and Coaching for people who are trying to make a decision about their next step in studying, applying for jobs, leaving a job, or students finishing up at school and looking at the “next step”. We offer supported guidance and advice for university or TAFE students who may need to discuss their course options for the next year or changing units or even swapping their course over. We even look at the best environment to study in ( online or face to face ), the locations, other environmental factors that can assist in making your future training the most successful it can be.

“Whatever your Career issue is, we can help.”

Interview Training

We do specialist training for new job applicants in “Interview Skills”. These sessions include mock interviews that are recorded and critiqued. The sessions cover preparation techniques, we discuss appropriate documents to take to an interview, image presentation, combating nerves and many other techniques to maximise your chances of getting the job.

“Interview Training increases your chance of getting the job by 82.7%”– Career Research Institute 2014

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Resume & Cover Letter Services

Our team of Career Specialists can produce a CV, Personal Profile, Cover Letter that will give you the edge in any job interview, university interview or even interview for an apprenticeship/traineeship.

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Job ready – programs for year 10, 11 and 12’s

Communication techniques (Setting up healthy relationships to support mental health / anti bullying / managing family situations )

Wellbeing Programs yrs 9 – 10, 11 – 12

Managing Depression/Anxiety Clinic

(All programs are tailored to suit the individuals participating and their age years)

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